Adam’s Adoption Day

*Explanation: This story was originally written for a client who did not purchase the copyright. The plot premise was chosen by the buyer. I simply filled in the gaps. It was based on a true story, so all the feels.


Adam pushed the bedcovers off his face and stared at the alarm clock on his bedside table. It was 9:09 AM. How could he have slept in this late? Today was, after all, the most important day of his whole life. Today was his adoption day.


Adam jumped out of bed and inspected his room. Perhaps Mother had left him a secret message under his bed? Adam knew how much his mom loved writing him letters. She even left small notes in his lunchbox every day. He searched around his dinosaur action figures, but there was no letter there. He looked around his lego collection, but there was nothing there either.


Mother must be making breakfast. Adam opened his door and peered into the hallway. There was no sign of Mother and no sign of his surprise either. He tiptoed into the kitchen, peeking behind the counter. The kitchen was empty and surprisingly clean for a Saturday morning. Perhaps Mother is still sleeping. Adam opened the refrigerator, looking for a cake. There was nothing special in the refrigerator; nothing to show that today was different from other days.


Adam padded down the hallway and open the door to Mother’s room. Mother was not there. Her bed was made and her drinking glass from last night was still on her bedside table. Adam had always liked Mother’s room. It was warm, just like her. There was a picture of a giant sunflower above her four-poster bed. Her pillows were filled with goose feathers and when he stuffed his face in them he could smell Mother’s scent.


Adam knew that Mother sometimes hid special presents in her closet. He tried not to look, but this time he just had to know. Adam walked through her bathroom and into the closet. There was no present there either.


Adam felt sad. Had Mother forgotten that today was his adoption day? How could Mother forget the most important day in their whole lives?


Mother liked talking about his adoption day. Mother said it was like being in a dream. She had wanted a baby for so long and she never thought she would have a child of her own. Mother said she decided to adopt someone who was a little older; someone who really needed a home. She had to take lots of classes to make sure she was ready. When the day finally came, she said time moved slowly. She was worried that someone had changed their minds. Adam did not really remember the day, but he remembered Mother’s smile. He remembered feeling safe.


Adam decided to walk to the mailbox to see if he had gotten any mail. It was already uncomfortably warm outside. The humidity felt like a wet blanket. Sassy the cat meowed at him as he passed her. Adam really wanted Sassy to be his friend, but Sassy made it very clear that she was Mother’s cat and not his. Adam had asked Mother if he could have a dog because Mother had read him a book once about a dog and a boy being best friends. Mother had said that maybe someday he could have a dog of his own, but right now a dog was too big of a responsibility. Adam looked in the mailbox, but it was empty.

Maybe Grandmother and Grandfather had forgotten too. Adam walked back from the mailbox and sat next to Sassy. She didn’t run away.


“Do you think Mother forgot about our special day, Sassy?”


Adam stroked Sassy, and she gave a polite meow in response. Adam tried picking her up, but she bounded off his lap, gave a loud hiss, and jumped over the fence and into the backyard. Adam followed her to the fence, undid the combination lock, and opened the gate to the back yard.


“Surprise!” everyone yelled in unison.


Adam blinked in astonishment. Everyone he could think of was standing in his backyard. Adam had never seen the backyard look like this before. There were streamers hanging from every tree, tables set up with more desserts than he could name, a giant slip-n-slide, and a great big bounce house. His grandparents were both there, his three aunts, all of his cousins, his very best friends from school, and, of course, his mother.


Adam’s Mother ran up to greet him, “Happy adoption day, Adam. I’m sorry if we scared you.”


Adam gave her a big hug, “This is the biggest party I’ve ever seen!” His mother laughed, “Wait until you see your present.” Mother gave a loud whistle, “Skipper! Over here boy!” From under the snack table, a small puppy with golden fur and a red ribbon around his neck came running towards them. He licked Adam’s hand.


Mother embraced Adam a second time, “I love you more than I can tell you. The day you came home with me will always be the best day of my life.”
Adam looked up at his mother, “It was the best day of my life too.”


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