State of the Blog Address

I thought I would take a moment to talk about the purpose of this blog and where I hope it will go in the future.

On a most basic note, it is a place to share stories. I have an especial fondness for short stories geared towards children (hence, the title) but I am not adverse to writing or reading stories geared towards an older audience if the content is good and appropriate.

Right now, this blog is only featuring stories written by me, but I would love to feature other writers who are interested in getting feedback from random people around the globe. This is, after all, a story lab; a place to test and question ideas. Please critique my stories- it will make me a better writer. Pride has no home here.

I am happy to link stories to other blogs or websites. If you have a story you would like me to publish, submissions can be emailed to karasbrockett@gmail.com

Personally, I am not interested in a website of children’s stories featuring only one author. That’s boring. Everyone has their own unique perspective and that only can enhance the quality and diversity of our writing.

Questions, thoughts, concerns? The comment box is here for you.



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